‘The Public Access to Law (P.A.L.) programme, now entering its 20th year, has become one of the most successful and unique initiatives in Irish Education. Our aim is to give all students a unique insight into law as seen through the eyes of the practising barrister. We strive to de-mystify the world of law and to embody within this visiting law module many of the principles of Transition Year including thinking on one’s feet, research, presentation skills and teamwork. It has become the most popular visiting school module in Ireland. P.A.L. places emphasis on teaching the student the skill of advocacy. The PAL visiting law module should prove to be of particular help to all students especially those who hope to compete in the national mock trials competition as the day long course covers case materials which feature in the national mock trials competition.

PAL EXAMINATION AND SUPPLY OF INDIVIDUAL CERTIFICATES OF ACHIEVEMENT AND EXAM PRIZE(S): Our written examination which takes 35 minutes duration should be held on one of the days/weeks which follow the presentation of the visiting law module. Upon receiving the answer sheets, the P.A.L. correction will return promptly to schools all corrected scripts, individual parchments for pupils and book prize(s).’